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RC EXTENSION is providing high range of properties. A town known for its mythology and heritage, Govardhan owes its significance to Lord Krishna. The legend says that the locals of the villagers were one-day preparing for annual offering to Lord Indra when Krishna saw this and decided to discuss it with the villagers. Lord Krishna argued with villagers over the importance of Dharma which the villagers need to follow. He said that the villagers should do their duty and focus on their crops and cattle. Agreeing to Krishna’s philosophy, villagers decided to withhold the offering to Indra. Angered over this, Indra decided to flood the village with continuous rains. In order to protect the villagers, Lord Krishna lifted Mount Govardhan and the villagers took shelter under it, which eventually led to Indra conceding defeat to a young Lord Krishna.

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RC EXTENSION is very well promoted.A destination which is steeped in the Hindu mythology, Govardhan is a town of absolute tranquillity. A blend of history and spirituality, Govardhan is a walk amidst the mythological tales. From temples to scenic sites to quaint hideouts, Govardhan is perfect for those seeking the blessings of the almighty.

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